“Before working with Refreshed Nutrition I knew I could improve my diet but didn’t know how. I wasn’t sure what foods I should substitute for the not so healthy foods I regularly ate. Beca showed me that you can still enjoy delicious foods that help improve your health. I now have a healthier diet that is easy to follow. It has become part of my lifestyle!” — J.D.


“Prior to working with Refreshed Nutrition I was on multiple medications, many to counteract the side effect of others. I was tired all the time, unable to lose weight and experiencing stomach pains daily. I had multiple tests done by doctors and the only solution I was ever given was to take another medication. I am now down to three medications and I no longer experience stomach pain! In addition through the Pantry and Grocery Haul, I learned how to read labels, and determine which foods were better choices for me. The amount of time Beca spent with me and the options she provided me with, helped me realize that the changes I needed to make were manageable.” — Kathy