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DIY Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

Yoga comes with some amazing health benefits, you can read more about why I love it here. However from rolling the mat up, throwing it in your trunk or backseat of the car, and not to mention the occasional hot yoga class the mat can get a bit dirty.


I looked at the price recently of yoga mat cleaner and was shocked at how much it cost! I figured I could make it myself with ingredients I had at home or that could be purchased cheap and wanted to share the final recipe with you. With this recipe you get the power of essential oils and witch hazel for disinfecting.


I bought a 2 oz spray bottle for mine, you could always use a larger one if you needed, just adjust the recipe by adding a ¼ more of each ingredient for each additional ounce.

DIY Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner
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  1. A little less than ¼ C filtered water
  2. ⅛ C witch hazel
  3. 25 drops Doterra Purify
  4. 5 drops Tea Tree
  1. place all ingredients in a 2oz glass or metal spray bottle
  2. shake until well combined and before each use
DIY yoga mat cleanerDIY yoga mat cleanerDIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

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