About Me

About Me

Hello, welcome and  thanks for stopping by! My name is Rebecca, but most people call me Beca or B, I am a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and the face behind Refreshed Nutrition and I love a person with some good old fashioned passion! If you weren’t sure yet, health and nutrition is mine and I want to share it with you.

I didn’t just land here though, it’s been years of various highs and lows ranging from exercise routines, eating habits, and emotional rollercoasters all of which have taught me the importance of finding a healthy balance. I believe everyone is looking for this whether they are aware of it or not and I hope that by sharing my personal journey with you here at Refreshed Nutrition you can feel supported on your journey as well.

Whether you are looking for a quick meal suggestion, positive vibes, or just general musings around how to incorporate healthy habits into your life you are in the right place.

I’ve made it my purpose to share my journey of healthy living through balance, in hopes of helping you find yours as well. The goal here at Refreshed Nutrition is to help invoke inspiration, spread positivity, and help you be the fullest person you were meant to be!



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